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Do these 2 things before you file for divorce

Jumping head-first into your divorce proceedings without advanced preparation is not the best idea. If you want to be ready for what's to come in the best way possible -- and not get blindsided by unfortunate surprises -- there are a few things you might want to do before filing your divorce papers. You might even want to do these things before discussing the wish to divorce with your spouse.

What should I put in my prenuptial agreement?

When it comes to planning your prenuptial agreement, you will have a lot of flexibility with regard to how this legal document is worded. Since the way you draft this document will govern how your divorce will proceed -- in the unlikely event that you even have a divorce -- you will want to take care to ensure your prenuptial agreement is lawful, treats your fairly and preserves your legal rights.

Even marriages that end in divorce can be considered a 'success'

Most people you ask would answer say that a marriage ending in divorce is not a "success." This is primarily because they're viewing marriage by the benchmarks of "until death do us part" and "happily ever after." However, family and relationship counselors have a more optimistic way of viewing a marriage that ends in divorce because they're looking at things from the perspective of personal growth.

1 common divorce mistake you need to avoid

Whether you decided to get a divorce, or your spouse decided to divorce, you probably don't feel entirely good about the situation. In fact, you may feel hurtful, shameful and angry. If this sounds like your emotional state, there's a very serious divorce mistake that you'll want to avoid: being deceptive or overly aggressive at the onset of your divorce process.

Listen to the needs of your teenage children during divorce

While every divorce with children is challenging, parents of teenagers will face different challenges than parents of younger children during and after their divorce process. For one, talking to a teen about your divorce will be different than talking to a younger child because your teenager is more mature and deserves to have a more adult conversation about the breakup. Also, your teen may have valuable feedback in terms of describing his or her needs and wishes as you transition into post-divorce life.

Be careful when listening to unsolicited divorce advice

As you're preparing for your upcoming divorce process, as the word gets out that your marriage is coming to a close, you'll start to receive unsolicited advice from virtually everyone you encounter. Some of these people will have had their own divorce experience, others will have heard about a friend or family member's and, still others, will have learned about divorce from watching divorce court on television and reading about celebrity breakups.

When looking for hidden assets in a divorce: Search everything

Finding hidden money in a contentious divorce process isn't entirely difficult. With the aid of a skilled divorce attorney and a forensic accountant, you probably won't miss a penny during your investigations. Here are some of the most important places your legal team will search while trying to dig up any assets your ex-spouse is trying to keep hidden:

What's the best way to talk about a prenuptial agreement?

Imagine you've been dating the love of your life for the last three years, and you want to get married, but you're terrified of the possibility of divorce. Both of your parents have been divorced twice, so you have a realistic view of marriage and you don't want to experience the kind of contentious and costly meltdown that divorce can sometimes be.

Did a pattern of non-stop arguing result in your divorce?

Arguing is toxic. If you can't stop arguing with your spouse, then you are familiar with just how toxic these patterns can be. You get home from work, you notice your spouse left the milk out on the counter again, you ask why, and suddenly a two-hour argument ensues and it only ends when you decide to lock yourself in the bathroom. When these kinds of situations are happening on a daily basis, it's time to seek help from a marriage counselor or simply bring your marriage to a close through divorce.

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