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What will happen to my premarriage inheritance?

Imagine Aunt Martha died when you were 23 years of age, before you got married, and you inherited a large sum of money from her. You put the money in an annuity, and it's been growing steadily ever since. When you turned 30, you got married, and now -- just as you turn 40 -- you're getting divorced.

Under what circumstances can spouses annul a marriage?

What if you find out that your marriage was a fraud? What if you discover you're accidentally married to your cousin? In these circumstances, is it necessary to file for divorce and go through the entire divorce process to get out of your marriage? The answer to this question could be "no" in some circumstances -- that is, if you can qualify to have your marriage annulled.

Signs you are ready for divorce according to psychologists

If you're thinking about divorce, but not yet sure if it's time, you might want to consider speaking with a mental health counselor or psychologist. Getting therapy is a great way to evaluate what your needs are and gain clarity on the best way of meeting those needs. At the very least, however, you might want to reflect on whether the following signs of divorce are true for you.

Couples are delaying marriage to spend more time dating

Most couples enter marriage with the intention of "until death do us part," but doesn't mean the marriages will endure. For this reason, the institution of divorce in modern society has become just as commonplace as the institution of marriage. Nevertheless, it appears that contemporary couples are waiting longer to get married, and this could be helping modern marriages endure.

Divorce for business owners in Tennessee

If you own a successful business, and you're going through a divorce, you're no doubt worried about how your business assets will be divided during the dissolution of your marriage. Assets and earnings acquired following the day you said "I do" will be considered a part of your marital estate. This means that your soon-to-be-ex likely has the legal right to acquire part ownership of your business in your divorce proceedings.

The worst mistake a parent can make during a divorce

Divorce can be a difficult and terrifying experience for anyone. When children are involved and two parents are parting ways, the stakes and fear become even higher. Not only will the parents themselves be dealing with numerous fears and worries about how the divorce could affect their children, but the children themselves will also be dealing with their own emotional difficulties. This is why, whenever a parent tries to use his or her children as pawns to get something during the divorce process, it is huge mistake in judgment -- and perhaps, it's the very worst mistake that any parent could make during a divorce.

Is shared parenting best?

In the late 1970s, psychologists started to recognize a symptom of divorce known as "father hunger." When a single mother reared her children without regular involvement and visitation from the father, it was not uncommon for children and fathers to want to have more time with one another.

Could mediation help with your divorce?

Most Tennesee spouses going through a divorce will have moments when they feel like they're not getting along with their soon-to-be ex. These moments -- which could even involve fighting, anger and raised voices -- can be enough to discourage anyone from wanting to sit down at a mediation table with their spouse. However, even if you're not getting along with your spouse, mediation might be an excellent way to navigate your divorce proceedings diplomatically.

4 same-sex couples sue the state of Tennessee

Four same-sex couples have sued the state of Tennessee regarding a new law that they allege denies them parental rights. The same-sex, female couples are married. Each couple says it expects to have a baby this year. The women are concerned that the new law, which states that undefined words Tennessee family law shall have their "natural and ordinary meanings," will undermine their parental status.

Could a new Tennessee bill hurt same-sex marriage rights?

Gay rights activists are concerned that a new bill, recently passed by the Tennessee legislature, could hurt the marriage rights of same-sex couples. The bill, House Bill 1111, relates to the way state courts will need to interpret "undefined words." Specifically, House Bill 1111 says that "undefined words shall be given their natural and ordinary meaning."

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