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Are stay-at-home parents who divorce in Tennessee entitled to alimony?

While undoubtedly one of the most rewarding roles one can fulfill in life, being a parent is also extremely challenging. For parents; bouts of sleep deprivation, toddler temper tantrums and homework battles are all par for the course. Add in the stressors that come with juggling work and parenting responsibilities and the high costs of child care and it's no wonder that more and more working parents are choosing to drop out of the workforce and stay home.

Information for divorcing Tennessee parents with minor-aged children

If you are a parent who is facing divorce, you are likely to have many questions and concerns about issues related to child custody. In Tennessee, family law judges aim to make custody decisions based upon what they believe to be in a child's best interests. Increasingly, judges recognize the important role that both mothers and fathers play in providing for a child's emotional and financial needs and many, therefore, favor some form of joint or shared custody.

Jason Aldean files for divorce in Tennessee

Many Tennessee residents are fans of country music star Jason Aldean. Songs like "Big Green Tractor" and "My Kinda Party" have made him one of the biggest country music stars to hit Nashville. The father of two has now filed for divorce from his high-school sweetheart after allegedly being seen kissing an "American Idol" contestant in a bar. Will he have his father's rights taken away because he allegedly acted inappropriately with another woman?

Tennessee parents can face consequences in child support

Unpaid child support can be a big issue to families in all 50 states, including Tennessee. Child support is the monthly payment that can be used for a child's everyday expenses, health care and other child care costs. Failure to pay child support could greatly affect the child. Aside from this, parents who fail to pay back child support can face various consequences, and it may not be in the best interests of the child.

Teamwork can be good for co-parents in Tennessee

Tennessee residents who keep up with celebrity divorces may be aware that the divorce between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise seems to have ended smoothly. Custody of their daughter was given to the mom while the father has parenting and visitation rights. Nevertheless, followers of the story may be interested to hear how their daughter spent the holiday season after the divorce.

Tennessee father not paying child support to his 25 children

Many Tennessee families know how complicated divorce proceedings can be nowadays. Both spouses must usually resolve the legal issues of child custody, property division and parents' rights and obligations toward their children. On the other hand, child support might present other issues. Because parents are always responsible for their child's welfare, divorced or unmarried parents should do their share of parenting time and financial support for the child. Unfortunately, some parents, like one father in Tennessee, shirk these obligations.

Prenuptial agreements aren't just for property division

A basic premise of contract law is that parties can bargain for whatever they want -- provided the "whatever" is legal and that basic contract requirements and formalities are satisfied in order to make the contract valid.

Tennessee divorce: It's your party, or not.

Earlier this year, we had a discussion about divorce rituals from around the world and positive ways that people from different cultures cope with the end of a marriage. As some of you may recall, one of the "rites of passage" we mentioned in that blog post was the idea of throwing a divorce party to celebrate the occasion.

Spy vs. Spy: the increasingly short supply of privacy in divorce

Tennessee residents take note: some of what might be fair in love and war isn't fair in a divorce. In fact, it may be illegal and could even land you in a jail. We're specifically referring to the increasing use of evidence from both smartphones and social media sites such as Facebook in divorce proceedings nationwide -- and to a similar increase in use of hidden cameras, microphones, GPS trackers and other types of "spygear" as well.

Divorce: insurance loose ends left by untying the knot (part 2)

In our last post, we talked about health and homeowner's insurance issues that Tennessee residents who are getting a divorce (or who have recently been divorced) need to be aware of. We're going to continue that divorce discussion today by addressing life insurance and auto insurance concerns as well.

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