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Powerball winner can finally pay off back child support debt

Seeing the outlandishly high Powerball jackpot has tempted many Montgomery residents to buy copious numbers of lottery tickets in the hopes of winning the large jackpot. Many people often fantasize about what they would do if they won. Imagine never having to work again and being able to afford just about anything within reason. One could hire Morgan Freeman to read them bedtime stories or hire Garth Brooks to perform at a backyard barbeque. For one man, paying off his near $30,000 child support debt would be the first thing he would do if he won.

Sesame Street will tackle a touchy topic: divorce

Tennessee residents are familiar with Sesame Street, the popular and long-running children's television show. For the second time in the show's 40 years on the air, it is attempting to tackle the subject of divorce.

Newly divorced parents: How to handle the holiday season

Residents in all 50 states, including Tennessee, may know that when divorce happens to families, parents and children may experience challenging times. Newly divorced parents may have already resolved the issue of child custody, division of property and child support. However, the conflict does not stop there because the parents' separation may have a long-term effect, and both parents must cooperate when it comes to raising their children.

Divorce and children: minimizing the damage

Children are frequently hurt more in a divorce than either parent. This is somewhat unavoidable on one level -- primarily because children don't fully understand the process or don't want to see their families split apart. In many cases, however, children suffer unnecessarily because of the openly hostile fighting parents sometimes engage in both before and after the divorce process has concluded.

Trading places: relocating with children after a divorce

Mobility, the freedom to just pull up stakes and hit the road for somewhere else has been a longstanding feature of American life. For divorced Tennessee parents who have custody of minor children however, the freedom to move is limited and often requires court approval.

Helping your kids cope with divorce in a healthy way

Even if you and your spouse end up having the most amicable divorce the state of Tennessee has ever seen, your children may still have a hard time coping with it. While most parents understand this and are willing to stay focused on determining what the kids need and how to support them, children also have an innate gift for pretending that can make it difficult for parents to know how they're really doing inside.

Tennessee mom ordered to pay child support to adoption agency

There have been new developments in the Tennessee family law story that made international headlines two years ago. We're talking, of course, about the Shelbyville mother and the adopted, 7-year-old Russian boy she airmailed back to his homeland -- alone, with only a note referring to the boy's psychological problems and her desire not to be his mother anymore.

Protecting the child custody rights of military members

Service in the armed forces is a noble and honorable calling. Yet a quick look at the steady rise in the military divorce rate over the past decade suggests just how hard military life can be on marriages. What those numbers don't begin to show, however, is just how hard (and sometimes unfair) the Tennessee divorce process can be on service members.

Ways to help kids deal with divorce issues like child custody

In the aftermath of a divorce, the individual most impacted by the end of a marriage is often the child. Sometimes it is not as apparent to parents how much their separation affected the kids. But as the holiday season approaches, things can get tense as parents begin to fight about child custody and who gets to spend time with the children.

Explaining separation and divorce to children can help them cope

It is not unusual for parents to become caught up in their own personal anxiety caused by divorce. As separating parents work on the long-term legal issues of child custody, visitation and support, there must be, at some point, a discussion with their shared children about the adult choices being made.

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