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Federal laws related to child support enforcement

Both Tennessee state laws and federal laws consider child support delinquency to be a serious offense. Although most child support matters are governed by Tennessee laws, there are certain exceptional cases that fall under the purview of federal child support enforcement laws. Title IV Part-D of the Social Security Act requires agencies operating under it to aid state agencies, custodial parents and others in enforcing a child support order.

Mother fails to return children in apparent custody dispute

Parents in Montgomery who are involved in a child custody battle need to keep in mind that criminal charges could be filed if they take the law into their own hands and violate terms of the agreement. Parents who share a child need to understand that in spite of any custody dispute, visitation rights and the rules associated with them must be adhered to. If they are seeking modification, they should try to work within the law to achieve it.

Child custody exchange turns violent as fight breaks out

In Montgomery, when two people share a child and are no longer together as a couple, they must set a plan for child custody and visitation rights and adhere to it to avoid conflict. If a parent is scheduled to have visitation with the child, one of the worst things the other parent can do is try to prevent that visit from taking place. If there are illegal acts to keep the other parent from seeing the child, criminal charges are a possibility.

Father faces criminal charges in child custody dispute

Montgomery, Tennessee, residents are no different from any other state when it comes to divorce issues. One of the most highly contested aspects of separation is child custody and visitation. Often, news reports talk about child custody disputes which sometimes take an ugly turn with a parent going to jail or being severely reprimanded for violation of child custody orders.

Ski instructor could get kids back from mom in foreign country

Divorce forces couples to address a variety of issues, many of which produce conflict. For couples with children, however, few issues are more strife-ridden than child custody. Around the country, including in Tennessee, joint custody is sometimes awarded, but most judges prefer to grant physical custody to just one parent. When the other parent does not accept that judgment, real trouble can follow.

Custodial parent not pressing charges against mother

People in Montgomery, Tennessee, who are contemplating divorce, would agree that at the time of the divorce, child custody and child support can be complex for both spouses. Child support helps provide a comfortable life for an innocent child who, unfortunately, may also become an integral part of divorce proceedings.

Noncustodial parents defaulting on child support rounded up

For many custodial parents in Montgomery, Tennessee, and the rest of the country, money received as child support plays a vital role in ensuring that expenses toward the upbringing of a child are adequately met. However, when the support payments are not made on time, it not only causes problems for the custodial parent, but it may also lead to trouble for those who are behind on their obligations.

State program helping non-custodial parents to pay child support

For many single parents in Montgomery, Tennessee, money received from former spouses or partners form the backbone of the financial well-being for a child. While many non-custodial parents are regular with their child support payments, the number of defaulters is also significant.

Child-custody issues during divorce prove traumatic

More often than not, child-custody disputes and issues related to visitation rights can be traumatic for couples during divorce proceedings in Tennessee, Kentucky or elsewhere. For one man currently undergoing divorce proceedings, it portends devastation. His first child from a previous union disappeared while at elementary school more than 3 years ago.Now the distraught father could lose child custody of his daughter from his estranged wife.

Former MLB player wanted for failure to pay child support

A common dream for many Montgomery parents is to see their child play in the major leagues for sports. In order to get there it takes copious amounts of dedication, financial resources and raw talent. Once in the professional leagues, many players enjoy fame and fortune. For former baseball star Danny Tartabull, he had both. After playing 14 seasons in the majors, Tartabull accumulated $33 million. But when it comes to his children, he strikes out. According to authorities, the ex-baseball player is wanted for failure to pay child support.

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