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UCCJEA and child custody from a Tennessee parent's viewpoint

Some Tennessee residents with former spouses now living in other states may be parents sharing the custody of their child across state borders. These parents would agree that when parents of a child live in different states, child custody and visitation can pose some serious challenges.

Tennessee surrogate mother in custody dispute over unborn child

Many residents of Clarksville, Tennessee, would agree that a woman becomes a mother the moment she learns that she is going to have a baby. But some mothers keep their emotions under control and lend their wombs to childless couples so that they too can experience the joy of parenthood. They conceive the child through artificial insemination. After birth, the child is adopted by other parents. One such surrogate mother from Tennessee recently grabbed national media attention.

FBI foils probable international abduction; mother arrested

If a child custody dispute heats up, a parent often ends up making a hasty decision and, as a result, the parent ends up on the wrong side of the law. Clarksville, Tennessee, residents may have come across a recent news report about one such child custody dispute, which involved a 4-year-old boy with American and Chinese citizenship, an American father, a Chinese mother, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a United Airlines flight en route to Beijing that returned to the U.S. five hours after takeoff.

Tennessee stepmom loses custody after raising boy for seven years

Losing custody of a child is a tormenting experience for any parent. The same applies when the parent was not the biological father or mother but raised the child as a step-parent or foster parent. Recent news of one such child custody dispute between a foster family from Tennessee and the child's biological father made headlines across the nation, with a final verdict yet to be given.

Foster parents from Tennessee seek legal custody of child

A number of parents in Tennessee have opened their doors, and their hearts, to children whose parents are unable to look after them, and as a result were placed in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. Such foster parents understand how a strong emotional bond is created when a child stays with their family for a number of years. They also understand how it feels if that child is taken away from the family and placed in someone else's custody.

Reality star fights for child custody against estranged husband

Whether in Tennessee or elsewhere or between celebrities or commoners, one of the major issues that surfaces after a divorce is the dispute over the custody of the child born out of the marriage. Sadly, during the child custody battle, many parents tend to forget that their focus should remain on the best interests of the child. All too often focus is instead on gaining one-upmanship over the other parent, which, in turn can have an adverse emotional effect on the child.

Mother fails to return children in apparent custody dispute

Parents in Montgomery who are involved in a child custody battle need to keep in mind that criminal charges could be filed if they take the law into their own hands and violate terms of the agreement. Parents who share a child need to understand that in spite of any custody dispute, visitation rights and the rules associated with them must be adhered to. If they are seeking modification, they should try to work within the law to achieve it.

Child custody exchange turns violent as fight breaks out

In Montgomery, when two people share a child and are no longer together as a couple, they must set a plan for child custody and visitation rights and adhere to it to avoid conflict. If a parent is scheduled to have visitation with the child, one of the worst things the other parent can do is try to prevent that visit from taking place. If there are illegal acts to keep the other parent from seeing the child, criminal charges are a possibility.

Father faces criminal charges in child custody dispute

Montgomery, Tennessee, residents are no different from any other state when it comes to divorce issues. One of the most highly contested aspects of separation is child custody and visitation. Often, news reports talk about child custody disputes which sometimes take an ugly turn with a parent going to jail or being severely reprimanded for violation of child custody orders.

Ski instructor could get kids back from mom in foreign country

Divorce forces couples to address a variety of issues, many of which produce conflict. For couples with children, however, few issues are more strife-ridden than child custody. Around the country, including in Tennessee, joint custody is sometimes awarded, but most judges prefer to grant physical custody to just one parent. When the other parent does not accept that judgment, real trouble can follow.

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