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Grandparent adoption can help protect a Tennessee child

A parent's love and affection for their children is probably the strongest bond of the parent-child relationship. The unconditional love that parents provide is irreplaceable. However, there may be situations in which parents are unable to provide a child with that love and affection. The reasons for this could be many, but the end result can be a neglected child who may have to live though serious consequences .

FBI foils probable international abduction; mother arrested

If a child custody dispute heats up, a parent often ends up making a hasty decision and, as a result, the parent ends up on the wrong side of the law. Clarksville, Tennessee, residents may have come across a recent news report about one such child custody dispute, which involved a 4-year-old boy with American and Chinese citizenship, an American father, a Chinese mother, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a United Airlines flight en route to Beijing that returned to the U.S. five hours after takeoff.

Foster parents from Tennessee seek legal custody of child

A number of parents in Tennessee have opened their doors, and their hearts, to children whose parents are unable to look after them, and as a result were placed in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. Such foster parents understand how a strong emotional bond is created when a child stays with their family for a number of years. They also understand how it feels if that child is taken away from the family and placed in someone else's custody.

Father faces criminal charges in child custody dispute

Montgomery, Tennessee, residents are no different from any other state when it comes to divorce issues. One of the most highly contested aspects of separation is child custody and visitation. Often, news reports talk about child custody disputes which sometimes take an ugly turn with a parent going to jail or being severely reprimanded for violation of child custody orders.

Doctor loses license for non-payment of child support

Children are often the worst affected in a divorce. The emotional turbulence hits them hard and and parents should always try to keep the best interests of the child in mind and try to avoid difficult custody disputes. Every child needs financial support for everyday needs like food, clothes and medical care Therefore, Montgomery, Tennessee, residents would agree that the child support system is essential for the healthy upbringing of the child.

Tennessee Foster Parents of the Year 2013 announced

There are many children of various ages in Montgomery and other places in Tennessee who are involved in a child custody dispute among two parents. In one way, these children are lucky because they at least have both parents who love and care for them. There are however many children who are abandoned by their parents or are put up for adoption for various reasons. Many of these children find a home due to the care and affection displayed by foster parents across the state.

Father wins child custody four years after son's abduction

Most Tennessee couples may agree that parents go out of their way to do everything for their child and to be there for him or her. However, a mother went to such lengths to be with her son that she committed an international abduction of her child. The child was recently reunited with his father after four years.

Child support may be a contentious issue in divorce

Clarksville, Tennessee, couples who are thinking about filing for divorce may not be aware of the serious repercussions that may ensue in the form of liability and obligations. Child support is one of the issues that may cause big trouble for couples. Anticipating such disturbing issues, spouses often prefer to create contractual obligations to avoid any future dispute.

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