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Unmarried fathers' rights to child custody and visitation

Unmarried fathers' rights to child custody and visitation are often a point of discussion and debate on various forums. Every state has its own set of definitions for terms such as "father" or "parent," and those definitions can have a significant impact on how courts consider child custody or visitation cases involving an unmarried father. Recently, a post on this blog discussed those definitions and provided an overview of the rights of unmarried fathers in Tennessee.

Father gains sole child custody after three-year dispute

Many Tennessee residents probably remember a time when courts routinely treated men unfairly when it came to some family matters. The practice stemmed from the general legal establishment's belief in the tender years' doctrine that believed the best interests of a child were better served the mother. However, that is no longer the case and fathers' rights have evolved and gained acceptance in courts in Tennessee and the rest of the United States.

Father challenges adoption by Tennessee family and adoption law

With changing times, many fathers in Montgomery, Tennessee, and other parts of the country are expressing their intention to obtain primary custody of their children. They are also becoming more vocal in matters related to their biological children and the decisions that they choose to make about their children's lives. The laws have evolved over time and the present day judicial system in Tennessee shows a great deal of respect to fathers' rights.

Are Tennessee dads' rights impeded by old English legal concept?

Given current evidence about the numbers of fathers who are awarded primary or sole custody in the wake of divorce, some legal observers believe a bias rooted in 19th-century English law prevails even today in the United States. Historically, the presumption has been that mothers are more fit to take care of children up to age five or so.

Father fighting for primary custody of his daughter

Many fathers in Montgomery, Tennessee, struggle to establish paternity and gain primary custody of their child. In many cases, child custody is primarily awarded to the mother, keeping in sync with the "tender years doctrine" that states it is in the child's interest to be with the mother. However, fathers' rights have also evolved, and nowadays, courts decide parental custody based on the best interests of the child.

The do's and don'ts of child custody and parenting time

Parenting time or visitation in Tennessee often becomes a contentious issue between former spouses and can end up in a legal battle. What is meant to foster healthy child development by allowing quality time with a noncustodial parent can become something definitely not in the best interests of the child.

Wife of Black Keys singer makes allegations in custody dispute

When couples determine that their marriage is no longer going to work, there are various important issues to consider. When the couple has children, dealing with custody and support issues is usually on the top of the list. When it comes to custody, it is customary to consider that the mother of the children would get sole or at least joint custody, but the modern system looks at fathers' rights and in some situations grants fathers sole custody of their children.

As father's day nears, many dads want to see their children

With father's day right around the corner, a vast majority of Montgomery dads will want to spend father's day with their children. Unfortunately, many dads will not be able to see their children during this special day dedicated just for them due to an unfavorable child custody battle. The whole purpose of father's day is for a dad to spend quality time with his children. Without children, father's day would not be much of a holiday. Many dads have had their fathers' rights diminished because of a divorce. A recent study, however revealed that dads are being awarded at least 50-50 custody of their children.

Exercising a father's rights in Tennessee divorce

People may assume that in a typical divorce, it is the mother who generally wins primary custody over any children the couple has, while the father is granted visitation rights and is held responsible for paying child support. However, a majority of recent divorce proceedings in all 50 states, including Tennessee, find that fathers' rights to remain involved in a child's upbringing are just as important as the rights of the mothers.

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