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FBI foils probable international abduction; mother arrested

If a child custody dispute heats up, a parent often ends up making a hasty decision and, as a result, the parent ends up on the wrong side of the law. Clarksville, Tennessee, residents may have come across a recent news report about one such child custody dispute, which involved a 4-year-old boy with American and Chinese citizenship, an American father, a Chinese mother, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a United Airlines flight en route to Beijing that returned to the U.S. five hours after takeoff.

Which factors do courts consider when relocating a child?

For any parent in Tennessee, or elsewhere in the U.S., planning carefully before relocating a child after a divorce is extremely crucial when it comes to protecting the best interests of the child. A couple of months ago, a post on this blog discussed the planning that is required if a parent wishes to relocate with his or her child after a divorce. The planning stage generally involves counseling the child in preparation for relocating, identifying a school that the child will attend after relocation and seeking orders from the court to facilitate the move.

Tennessee man had to pay child support twice

Tennessee residents can often agree that children are affected the worst during divorces. Not only do they face the emotional turmoil of their family breaking apart, but the custodial parent may also face financial insecurities as well. Who will cater to the children's expenses, including food, clothing, schooling and medical expenses? These are the questions that haunt many people's minds when families break up.

Mother fails to return children in apparent custody dispute

Parents in Montgomery who are involved in a child custody battle need to keep in mind that criminal charges could be filed if they take the law into their own hands and violate terms of the agreement. Parents who share a child need to understand that in spite of any custody dispute, visitation rights and the rules associated with them must be adhered to. If they are seeking modification, they should try to work within the law to achieve it.

Mother claims child support through paternity lawsuit

Many parents in Montgomery, Tennessee, understand the importance of the money received as support from a non-custodial parent of a child. As a result, child support claims are common in court houses across the state at any given time.

Father attempts international abduction of his children

Custody disputes in Montgomery, Tennessee, can occur between parents that live either in the same or different states. There are also cases where the two parents live in different countries altogether. These custody battles, which cross national boundaries, can take a heavy toll on both the parents and their children.

Divorced gay man challenges ruling on visitation rights

Most divorced parents will agree on one thing: Whatever the reasons behind their marital discord and separation, at the end of the day, their children's well-being comes first. Thus they trudge through contentious issues such as physical custody, child support and schooling, always with the best interests of their children in mind.

Child-custody issues during divorce prove traumatic

More often than not, child-custody disputes and issues related to visitation rights can be traumatic for couples during divorce proceedings in Tennessee, Kentucky or elsewhere. For one man currently undergoing divorce proceedings, it portends devastation. His first child from a previous union disappeared while at elementary school more than 3 years ago.Now the distraught father could lose child custody of his daughter from his estranged wife.

Timbaland's wife seeks spousal, child support in divorce papers

Those Tennessee residents who follow celebrity news very closely are no strangers to frequent news about celebrity divorces. Property division, child custody and child support payments are often the major contentious issues in high-profile divorce proceedings. Grammy award winner Timbaland and his wife are the latest celebrity pair to join the club of high-profile couples heading for a split.

Perks may translate to increased child support payments

Couples seeking a divorce in Tennessee must be aware of the complex legal procedures involved in resolving property and child custody issues. However, the child support payments can be a major point of disagreement in a divorce proceeding. Often, there is a disagreement on who will contribute and how much toward the child support.

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