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Mediation for solving custody, visitation issues -- Part II

The previous post on our blog discussed some of the basics regarding court-ordered child custody and visitation rights dispute mediation in Tennessee. Generally, the court orders such mediation to ensure that a family law dispute is resolved peacefully and privately. However, certain situations may lead a parent to become apprehensive about the session. For example, a domestic violence victim may feel insecure; however, in such cases, the courts have provisions that are meant to protect those people who feel threatened.

Mediation for solving custody, visitation rights issues -- Part I

Disagreements over child custody and visitation rights are common in divorces. In fact, those disputes can sometimes escalate to such an extent that the bitterness between separating spouses affects the best interest of the child, especially if the child custody and visitation disputes are fought in court. This is one reason why courts in Tennessee and in the rest of the U.S. often recommend that separating parents attend mediation sessions before entering into litigation over a child custody or visitation rights dispute.

Understanding child custody and visitation laws in Tennessee

Many Tennessee parents are divorced or may be contemplating a divorce. A serious concern for people in this situation can be child custody arrangements after legal separation is completed. If a child custody battle ends up in Tennessee family court, the judge, not the parents, will decide this issue, always keeping the best interests of the child ahead of all other issues.

Rock star to pay more as child support to wife and child

Spouses who are in the midst of contentious child support cases in Clarksville, Tennessee, may be interested in learning that the long battle between rocker Liam Gallagher and the mother of one of his children is officially over. The couple recently ended their legal battle in family court had met five years ago when Gallagher, who is the vocalist for the British rock band, Oasis, met the woman when she was writing a story about him.

Resolving child custody and visitation issues in Tennessee

Child custody issues are important and often one of the most controversial aspects of family law cases. Determining the best interest of the child in order to decide child custody may become a tricky issue under Tennessee law. Steven C. Girsky, the founding attorney of our firm, has extensive experience dealing with family law cases relating to child custody and visitation rights.

Tennessee Supreme Court expands grandparents' visitation rights

Whenever minor children are involved, divorce can be difficult on parents and children. Not seeing or dealing with the other spouse on a daily basis may be something both parents look forward to, but the children may feel anxious and depressed by this prospect. Courts throughout Tennessee try keep the best interests of children in mind whenever they make child-custody decisions and thus generally grant joint custody so that children will have both parents in their lives. Any history of violence, however, can mean sole custody for the parent who can provide the safer environment.

Developing a comprehensive parenting plan in Tennessee

Divorce is never easy, especially when there are children involved. Two people may choose to part ways because of irreconcilable differences and lead a better life, but a divorce can have long-term detrimental effects on the children of the divorcing couple if proper care is not taken to protect their best interest. That is where a comprehensive parenting plan comes into the picture. An earlier blog post discussed how Tennessee courts define a parenting plan and the objective of that plan. In a nutshell, an adequate parenting plan must protect a child's best interests under all foreseeable circumstances.

UCCJEA and child custody from a Tennessee parent's viewpoint

Some Tennessee residents with former spouses now living in other states may be parents sharing the custody of their child across state borders. These parents would agree that when parents of a child live in different states, child custody and visitation can pose some serious challenges.

Tennessee surrogate mother in custody dispute over unborn child

Many residents of Clarksville, Tennessee, would agree that a woman becomes a mother the moment she learns that she is going to have a baby. But some mothers keep their emotions under control and lend their wombs to childless couples so that they too can experience the joy of parenthood. They conceive the child through artificial insemination. After birth, the child is adopted by other parents. One such surrogate mother from Tennessee recently grabbed national media attention.

How do Tennessee courts define parenting plans?

In the U.S., there are many parents who are either divorced, are in the process of getting a divorce or are contemplating a divorce. Parents understand how critical the issue of child custody and visitation are. To make it more civilized, courts in Tennessee prefer to refer to child custody and visitation rights as parenting plans.

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