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Court upholds plea for visitation rights of grandparents

Parents in Montgomery, Tennessee, who are separated from their spouse, understand the importance of a well drawn child custody and visitation plan, which allows them to spend sufficient time with their children. In situations like this, grandparents also play an important role in the raising of a child.

Dispute about visitation rights leads to shooting in Tennessee

Courts in Tennessee believe in shared parenting and prefer to award joint custody to both parents in the case of a divorce or a separation. In Clarksville County, judges try to reach a fifty-fifty arrangement in a parenting plan whenever possible whereas other county judges prefer to have one primary custodial parent and grant visitation rights to the other. However, these arrangements only apply to cases where the presence of neither parent is detrimental to the best interests of the child.

Tennessee Court directs musician to provide child support

When a marriage ends, both parties suffer from a considerable degree of distress and trauma at the irretrievable breakdown of their relationship. The situation becomes even more acute if the marriage has produced children and a dispute arises around issues such as primary child custody and child support. In addition, if one or both parents are celebrities or considerably well-off their custody dispute can become even more complex.

Singer Usher still battling child custody issues

Although the divorce process can be defined as a life changing and difficult event for married couples in Tennessee, dealing with post-divorce issues can be just as complex and challenging. Ex-spouses with children need to constantly make choices that affect their children, so it is always important that the best interest of the children is a major factor in the decision-making process. During the divorce process, a child custody agreement is decided, but substantial changes in circumstances can occur and could mean that modification is needed.

Helping Tennessee parents through divorce, child custody issues

Tennessee parents understand that their children might witness some fights in the household. When spouses no longer get along, they will begin discussing the options for divorce or separation. Initially, these conversations could be fueled with emotion, which could create an unhealthy environment for the children. Parents should realize that they not only need to determine child custody once the divorce is completed, but they also need to decide what is best for the children during the divorce or separation process.

Child custody highly important in divorce

Seldom in divorce are children impacted in a positive way. With most divorces, children are caught right in the middle of all the fighting, legal battles and emotional hardships. Choosing between parents or picking a favorite is often an impossible task for a young child with equally loving parents. Many Tennessee children endure emotional stress during a divorce. But can this negatively affect children in the long run? After a recent study by the University College London, the answer is yes.

Baptism exceeded Tennessee mom's child custody rights, says court

The distinction between the terms "physical custody" and "legal custody" is one of the most frequently confused and misunderstood aspects of divorce in the state of Tennessee. This distinction is important in child custody disputes because physical custody is often divided, with children spending equal or unequal amounts of time living with each parent. Legal custody, on the other hand, is usually assigned to both parents and remains constant.

Divorced parents squabbling over co-parenting turn to Internet

Any couple going through a divorce is likely to experience hostile feelings towards their ex-spouse. While divorcing couples without children must endure the initial turmoil associated with the actual divorce proceeding, they are then free to move on with their lives and potentially never see each other again. For divorcing couples with children, however, they are tied to each other for life and must find ways to co-parent effectively.

Fathers' rights a concern with proposed legislation

In the midst of child custody proceedings, judges look at what's in the best interests of the child to determine what sort of custody plan should be in place. Historically mothers would get custody because courts believed that children needed to be with their mothers. But now, custody laws have shifted to a more equitable process.

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