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At Our Firm, Your Concerns Are the First Priority

While legal matters may seem complicated at first, they are likely to be much less intimidating once you know what to expect. Whether you are going through a divorce or seeking compensation following a personal injury, it is critical to have someone you can trust to guide you through the process.

At The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky, we will explain your situation from a legal standpoint so that you will be able to make educated decisions about the direction of your case. Whatever the nature of your legal issue, whether it involves family matters, a personal injury or business law, when you understand the process, you can take action to get the results you deserve.

Experienced, Attentive And Client-Oriented

For more than 25 years, attorney Steven C. Girsky has served clients in a wide range of legal practice areas in Clarksville, Hopkinsville and the surrounding areas in both Tennessee and Kentucky. From divorce and family law issues to personal injury representation, he seeks to help you find positive solutions to your problems quickly and cost-effectively. He also represents clients with business law concerns as well as in probate and estate administration.

Whether you are about to start negotiations or step into the courtroom, you want a lawyer who takes time to understand your goals and who is prepared to handle any surprises or issues that may arise in your case.

As an experienced trial lawyer, Steven C. Girsky has argued cases all the way to the Supreme Court of Tennessee. When you walk into his law office, he will take a close look at your situation and help you better understand the challenges you face. He will then help you outline the potential solutions and develop creative strategies for moving forward.

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When facing a legal issue, regaining control over the situation by knowing your options is half the battle. Attorney Girsky provides weekly business hours as well as off-site, evening and weekend appointments. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted. Contact our law firm today through email, or call 931-266-4689 for a free initial consultation.