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How to avoid litigation in a divorce

For many people, the word divorce is synonymous with litigation. They imagine that the end of their marriage will inevitably mean a fight in court over property division, child custody or support issues. Most people have heard at least a few horror stories from social...

3 tips for stay-at-home parents facing divorce

Divorce brings uncertainty about what life will be like after marriage, all the more so for stay-at-home parents who might have to change their lifestyles entirely after the split. While divorce might be the best decision for the sake of your happiness and that of...

What you should know about gray divorce

Even though there are many different kinds of love, marriage is still a risk for many. And sometimes, you might not realize that your marriage is not working out until later in life. Divorce rates have been going down over the past two decades, but "gray divorce"...

When should you consider child custody modifications?

Your child custody order is created when you get divorced. The court cannot possibly predict what the future is going to look like, so they simply make the order in a way that fits your current lifestyle. Naturally, this may not work long-term. If you're a young...

What is parental kidnapping in child custody cases?

If you are in the midst of a divorce that involves fierce contention over child custody, then your soon-to-be ex-spouse might resort to underhanded means to distance your child from you. This can manifest as subtle parental alienation or blatant parental kidnapping....

How can social media affect divorce?

In all likelihood, social media is a normal part of your everyday life. It may seem completely natural to post about the latest goings-on for your family, friends and followers to see, but this can severely backfire on you while in the midst of a divorce. Anything you...

Pondering divorce? Know this about child custody

Thinking about divorce often means contemplating a very different life from the one you currently lead. The end of your marriage might mean that you live somewhere different and that your entire daily schedule changes. When you share children with your spouse, a...

Can active military couples adopt a child?

When you and your spouse are both active members of the military, there are unique challenges you must overcome. Starting a family is one thing that might be particularly difficult during this busy time in your life, but adoption is a wonderful way to go about it. You...

How to write a functional parenting plan after a military divorce

If you come from a marriage in which one or both spouses are active military members, then the divorce to follow will come with unique challenges. Finding solutions to those challenges is the obstacle you and your ex-spouse must overcome when writing a military...

What to know about grandparent adoptions

Today, 5% of children live with their grandparents in Tennessee. In many of these situations, the grandparents have temporary or permanent custody of these children. However, there are cases where the children cannot or should not live with their parents, so some...