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Actor Ryan Reynolds to Divorce From Wife of Two Years

The previous post discussed stress and divorce and how both can impact the holiday experience. Divorce can affect anyone, including celebrities. Just recently another couple has announced that they are getting divorced: Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson.

Both Johansson and Reynolds have experienced success in their professional careers in the entertainment industry. While there has been little information about their split, there are many issues that the two will have to deal with as their divorce becomes finalized, including the issue of property division.

The longer that a couple stays together, the more property they acquire over the years. When a couple decides to separate, it can be a challenge to determine what property goes with which person. The more property there is, the bigger the challenge.

Though Reynolds and Johansson were married for only two years, they no doubt have property that they acquired during their marriage. For other couples that had been married for many years, property division can become a source of stress.

The decision to get divorced is often a difficult process. Some couples choose to split because they simply grew apart; sometimes a couple will divorce because of infidelity. Reynolds and Johansson have not publicly commented on why they are divorcing, but some believe that it was their hectic schedules that required them to be apart a lot of the time.

The two did issue a statement that let their fans know that they both still cared for one another. Only time will tell whether this divorce will be as amicable as the couple hopes it will be.

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