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Woman Who Married Teen Lover is Denied Custody of Their Son

| Dec 21, 2010 | Child Custody and Visitation

Over five years ago, Lisa Lynette Clark and the father of her unborn child got married. While this scenario seems simple enough, there are a few more details that are important. Clark, now known as Lisa Gonzalez, was 37-years-old at the time; the father was 15-years-old.

They were married at the time. Immediately after, Clark was charged and convicted of statutory rape and spent the next nine months in prison. The couple’s child was born while she was in prison and then placed in foster home. The couple had sought a change in the child custody arrangement for their son.

The couple was married in Georgia in 2005 when a minor could legally get married if the bride was pregnant. Typically minors need the permission of their parent or guardian to get married. Now minors cannot get married unless they receive permission from a parent, guardian, or judge.

Apparently, Clark’s boss had been given custody of the couple’s son after he was born and is now refusing to return him to his parents. The woman is the now 4-year-old boy’s legal guardian.

According to the article, a judge in Georgia denied the couple’s request for custody of their son. There is no information as to why the couple was denied the custody change. One thing that the couple is glad for is the increased visitation time that the judge granted them.

The article also does not give any information as to how long the couple has been fighting for custody of their son.

Source: UPI online, “Judge nixes custody request of teen, wife,” 09 December 2010


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