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Military students struggle with separation from parents, divorce

| Jan 31, 2011 | Military Divorce

It is no secret that divorce can be a very difficult and frustrating process for families to go through. But divorce can be especially challenging for military families. There are many complications to consider in a military divorce, including military benefits and deployment issues.

As with any divorce that involves children, military divorce can also greatly affect kids that are involved. Children who have one or both parents in the military sometimes face much different day-to-day struggles than other children.

One city in Florida has begun to address the challenges that military students experience in school by putting together a “Boot Camp for Educators”. This event could be applied in other states to encourage discussion about stress that military students face and how to help students who come from military families.

Military kids deal with a lot. Many times their parent or parents are deployed multiple times and it is difficult to deal with long periods of separation. Children also worry about their parents who have been deployed. One other issue that affects military kids is when their parents choose to separate or divorce.

A military divorce is complicated because the family not only deals with the typical issues in a divorce but also must comply with regulations that specifically apply to people in the military. It can be hard for a family to work through the divorce process, especially when one parent is serving in another country.

The city in Florida is hoping that this training will help educators and guidance counselors give more support to children from military families. In fact, there is additional evidence that shows certain family issues that military students face are faced by students in general. It could be a way for schools to help their students deal with things such as divorce and frequent relocation.

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