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Significant Life Changes Can Lead to Change in Child Support

| Jan 18, 2011 | Modifications and Relocation

In some cases, divorces end amicably. But in other instances, the divorce process is difficult and long with more issues appearing even after the couple has legally separated. Couples who are no longer married but have children together often find that the issue of child support can continue to surface even after a divorce.

Even though the couple agrees to a child support plan, things can change that directly impact a person’s financial situation. And when it comes to money, discussions can quickly turn into arguments.

Child support plans are created so that the primary custodial parent is not solely in charge of financially caring for the child. There are a lot of things that must be paid for including every day necessities such as food and clothing. It can also include paying for education.

If one parent wants to make changes to a child support agreement, many states offer the option of support modification. Typically, an example of an event that would lead to a modification is if the parent who is paying child support loses their job or experiences a significant income decrease. If that is the case, the existing child support agreement can be reviewed for modification.

Some suggestions on how to keep conversations about child support from becoming heated discussions:

  • Be willing to work together to come to an agreement
  • Don’t let personal issues get in the way
  • Determine how much child support is needed after the change in life circumstances
  • Ultimately, remember what will be the best for the child

It can be easy for the couple to forget that the purpose of child support is to help the custodial parent raise the child.

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