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Custody dispute between Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend heats up

We’ve seen that custody battles can become ugly as couples fight for custody of their shared children. The emotional strain of a divorce, if the couple had been married, can only further intensify a custody dispute to where it can become harmful to the children.

When celebrities separate, divorced, or go through a custody dispute, the process can become extremely publicized. Recently, the custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry has heated up as accusations of threats and racism have been thrown from both sides.

Berry, a famous actress, and Aubry, a model, had been together for five years before they split. Though the two were not married, they did have a daughter together and both raised her while they were still together.

Now, allegations are flying as Berry maintains that Aubry should not be allowed to even see their daughter without being supervised. According to the article, she is concerned for the little girl’s well-being. She also has alleged that that Aubry threatened her. Berry is seeking sole custody.

Aubry has responded by saying the allegations against him are untrue and that he should be able to see their daughter. It seems that he believes it’s in the best interest of the little girl to have both parents involved in her life. He, unlike Berry, is seeking joint custody as well as formal recognition that he is in fact the little girl’s father.

Though the two are waged in a custody battle, these types of allegations can have a serious impact on their little girl. Though she is nearly 3-years-old, having her parents accuse one another in order to get the upper hand in the dispute could be damaging.

There is no doubt that custody disputes can be very emotionally charged. But like the courts, parents should be concerned solely with what’s best for the child. And though both Berry and Aubry are certain that they are each fighting for what’s best for their child, a judge will ultimately make that determination.

Source: The Post Chronicle online, “Halle Barry Launched Custody Battle Against Gabriel Aubry After Verbal Threat?” 03 February 2011


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