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Is the decision to get divorced influenced by economic recession?

| Feb 7, 2011 | Property Division

Often, when a couple decides to get divorced, there are several factors that led them to that decision. Sometimes one thing can drive a wedge in a marriage while other times it is several issues that can cause a couple to drift apart.

It is no surprise that the American economy has been in a recession in the past few years. Society is constantly being bombarded by news of bankruptcy, foreclosures, and unemployment. In the midst of America’s economic downturn, many things are being negatively impacted including marriages. Is the recession causing more couples to consider getting a divorce?

According to a recent study, nearly 30 percent of the couples surveyed said that their marriages were negatively impacted by the recent recession. Financial stress can come from many angles. For example when one spouse loses their job, the other spouse may take on more work in order to support the family.

Additionally, couples who are financially struggling may also be facing the possibility of foreclosure and bankruptcy. The study also found that couples with one or more spouse without a college degree likely faced more economic hardship than couples with a college degree.

Interestingly, the study also found that the percentage of couples who were planning to get divorced prior to the economic downturn seems to have decreased. This could just be because couples are delaying getting a divorce because neither spouse can afford to live on their own. It seems that as a couple faces more financial woes, they are more likely to consider getting a divorce.

The stability of a marriage does not rest solely on the financial status of a married couple. But the decision to get a divorce can be influenced by things like economic hardships.

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