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Owner of baseball team in property division dispute after divorce

| Feb 25, 2011 | Property Division

Divorce proceedings can be complicated and drawn out. Depending on the couple, there may be a lot of issues that need to be resolved before the divorce is finalized. Often couples will get caught up in finding a custody plan that satisfies both parties. But sometimes what couples can disagree on most is property division.

Most couples will disagree on who gets the house, which person gets what car, who will take the boat and even who gets to keep the antique writing desk. Sometimes disagreements over small items can escalate due to the emotional nature of a divorce. But for one couple, their divorce was only the beginning of a dispute regarding the ownership of a franchised baseball team.

Frank McCourt, known as the owner of the LA Dodgers, and his wife Jamie were divorced in October of last year. Since then the two have been unable to reach a financial settlement regarding property division from their divorce. At the center of the dispute is who owns the LA Dodgers.

Frank McCourt maintains that he is the sole owner of the baseball team while his ex-wife Jamie argues that she owns half of the Dodgers and her ex-husband owns the other half. The two sides have been arguing about whether Frank will manage ownership of the team in a way that protects both his and his ex-wife’s interest, especially since no agreement has been reached as to who owns what since the divorce.

For many, the problem is not necessarily that Frank and Jamie cannot come to an agreement on whether one or both own the team. Rather it’s that their divorce and settlement proceedings may impact the future of the Dodgers.

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