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Wade granted sole custody of two boys after long court battle

| Mar 24, 2011 | Child Custody and Visitation

Custody battles can become heated, especially when both the father and mother are fighting for sole custody of the children involved. Often a custody dispute elicits strong emotions from the parties involved because it exists in the wake of a divorce, another process often wrought with emotion.

One particular high-profile custody battle between professional basketball player Dwyane Wade and his wife finally came to a close last week. Throughout the custody proceedings, there were allegations from both parties that the other was not fit to be a parent. But after a long battle, the court gave Wade sole custody of the two boys.

The custody agreement states that Wade has the sole care, custody and control but that the boys’ mother also has a regular parenting time schedule. She will consistently see the two children throughout the year, including on Mother’s Day. This is to ensure that relationships between the children and their mother can be as healthy as possible, a desire repeatedly expressed by Wade.

It appears the court found that Wade’s ex-wife spent the past two years attempting to alienate the two kids from their father. But even though she brought up his hectic schedule as a potential problem, the court still determined that Wade could provide the best home for the children, especially since he appears willing to support the kids’ relationship with the mother.

Wade is excited to begin life with his two sons. Because he has sole custody of their care, he has already made sure that the boys’ transition into new schools and a new home is as smooth as possible. A custody battle can take its toll on the children caught in the middle. Hopefully this arrangement is what’s best for the two boys.

Source: Miami Herald online, “Dwyane Wade wins custody fight for sons,” Tim Reynolds, 13 March 2011


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