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Man responds violently in court when child support brought up

| Apr 28, 2011 | Child Support

Child support can be a touchy subject in many divorce cases. Some noncustodial parents don’t want to give the custodial parent money without specific restrictions. Child support can create tension between parents and can even cause one or both of them to become violent.

A woman was assaulted by her estranged husband at the last hearing of her divorce case last week. She is currently recovering from her injuries. Her injuries include a fractured jaw and broken nose she received in the judge’s chambers, a typically safe place.

The judge hearing the divorce case was shocked. He stated there was no indication of violence and didn’t think to have additional deputies present during the hearing. According to the article, however, the woman tried on two separate occasions to file a restraining order against her estranged husband; she was denied in both instances.

The man and woman had been married for nearly five years and were in the final stages of their divorce proceedings. The proceedings had been in progress for nearly thirty-five minutes when the issue of child support was brought up.

The man refused to pay child support, even after the judge informed him that paying child support is not an option for parents. In response, the man decided to leave the room instead of discussing support arrangements for the couple’s two children.

Almost immediately after leaving the room, the man returned and suddenly starting beating the woman. Because he was behind her, she had no idea that he was about to strike her. Though the attack was sudden, the judge alerted several deputies who came in the room and helped subdue the man.

Source: CNN online, “Florida divorce proceeding turns violent — in judge’s chambers,” Kim Segal, 19 April 2011


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