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Property division dispute leads to wall built in home

| May 2, 2011 | Divorce

From previous posts, it is clear that one issue that follows a divorce is property division. This can become a complicated process especially if the couple has a lot of assets. In some instances, a couple fights over a home they raised a family in.

One particular couple is now famous after they built a wall through their three-story home. The two were seeking a divorce and neither wanted to relinquish the home, even though they had several other properties. But just recently, the two were granted a divorce after six years of fighting for one and were ordered to sell the house and split the proceeds. But is this dispute over?

It is likely far from over. The woman plans to appeal the judge’s decision because she lives in the three-story home, a property that is in her name. But this home is only of the many things that have created a contentious divorce. Initially, the woman had kicked the man out of the house. But he was able to move back in after a judge and appeals court ordered a wall to be built.

The woman lives on the third floor and also has access to part of the second floor while the man has the first floor and part of the second floor. The wall construction allows for both to cohabitate without actually having to see or interact with one another.

In addition to the ruling of selling the home, the man was also ordered to pay the woman spousal support; he will be allowed to maintain ownership of three of his personal properties. The couple also has four children together and two each from previous marriages.

Source: Associated Press online, “NYC couple who split house with wall get divorce,” 29 April 2011


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