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Tennessee has second-highest divorce rate in nation

On Behalf of | May 20, 2011 | Divorce

Did you know that Tennessee has the second highest divorce rate in the nation? Coming in second only to Nevada, Tennessee couples are choosing to separate at a higher rate than most other states. What does that mean?

It means that a number of couples in Tennessee are coming to the decision to end their marriage. Most are taking the time to consider the implications for their shared home, their other property, and most importantly their children. As more couples choose to separate, the number of married couples in Tennessee is quickly becoming the minority.

According to a census statistic, more than half of the state’s households do not have a married couple. Some of these households have never had married couples, but others are the result of a divorce. And some are wondering why the number of single-person households is growing.

Residents have different viewpoints about the reasons that are keeping people from walking down the aisle or staying together instead of getting a divorce. Some of the reasons are from experience and others from social scientific analysis.

One woman said that though the number of married couples is decreasing, she desires that for herself. But many others her age do not seem to have marriage on their radars, instead choosing to spend time doing other things like traveling. This is only one factor contributing to the growing number of single-person households.

For those who are married and considering joining the new single majority, separation and divorce have many considerations from emotional ones to financial obligations. The division of households, assets and liabilities and the issues of child visitation and custody and alimony are complex issues requiring the expertise of someone who understands the divorce process.

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