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Inability to pay child support leads woman to plot murder

| Jul 20, 2011 | Child Support

When it comes to divorce proceedings, there are a lot of issues to be resolved before the couple can officially divorce. These issues can include things like child custody decisions, alimony payments, and who gets the house and boat.

If the couple has children, they must also agree on an amount of monthly child support. But this particular issue can become a source of contention between the two parents, especially if the parent ordered to make the payments fails to do so.

When a parent finds himself or herself unable to make child support payments, there are options like seeking a support agreement modification. Courts will typically look at the financial situation of the parent making the payments to see whether anything has changed from when the agreement was first created.

But one woman, faced with a number of outstanding payments and struggling with finances because of a revoked tax refund, decided that ordering a hit on her former husband and the father of her two daughters would take care of the problem.

According to the article, the woman asked a friend to help her find someone who would kill her ex-husband. She allegedly had it all planned out down to where the killing would take place and when it would occur. It appears that she arranged for her ex-husband to meet her at the location in order to pick up the girls.

But the friend reported the woman to authorities and an investigation was launched. The woman was recently arrested after a number of phone communications between the woman and her friend revealed that she did intend to hire someone to kill her former husband.

In her mind, the woman believed that the only way she could take care of the delinquent child support payments was to eliminate the need to make those payments. Perhaps she thought that if she was awarded custody of the children, she would no longer be obligated to pay monthly child support. Unfortunately because of the alleged murder plot, she could be facing a number of additional consequences.

Source: Charlotte Observer online, “Hit-man-for-hire plot alleged,” Sanette Tanaka and Maria David, 08 July 2011


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