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Property division issues can come up with family mementos

| Jul 25, 2011 | Property Division

Emotions are high and it seems like all of the difficult decisions have been made. You are getting a divorce and have somehow managed to come to an agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse over matters that include custody of the children and alimony payments. The two of you have even come to a decision on what to do with the house and three cars.

But the property division issues are not over. You are starting to realize that the both of you want to hold on to the more sentimental items like videos from family vacations and photos of your children growing up. Tensions begin to mount, especially when you walk away from the marriage with all of the home videos as well as the photo collection. Does a solution exist that allows both of you to hold on to these irreplaceable items?

When it comes to dividing up property of this nature, there is a solution. As things become more digitalized, people can use scanners, computers, and DVD burners to duplicate all sorts of files and information.

After a divorce, the spouse that has all the pictures and videos can upload them online and share them with their ex-spouse and other family members. The files can then be downloaded by anyone who has access to the files, beneficial for family members who want a hard copy.

It is no secret that divorces can be extremely difficult for a couple. But when children are involved, parents often try to keep things civil for the sake of the kids. Even if a former spouse does not want any reminders of their previous marriage, they don’t necessarily want the same thing for their children.

Allowing the children to hold on to these types of family memories can help them transition after the divorce is final, helping to maintain the relationships between the two parents.

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