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Blog created over bitter custody battle ordered to be shut down

| Aug 10, 2011 | Child Custody and Visitation

Going through any type of difficulty can be made more bearable if you have someone else who understands what you’re going through. When going through a divorce, it is no different. Couples who find themselves in the middle of a divorce may find it helpful to discuss with someone else who recently went through a similar divorce.

But one father’s approach to sharing his experiences became a big source of contention between him and his ex-wife as their child custody dispute dragged on. The two were divorced and have shared custody of their two sons. But out of frustration over the many legal issues that continued to arise, the father created a blog that openly discussed his ex-wife and their battles both in and out of court.

The blog discussed everything from their child custody battle, his opinions of his ex-wife, and some the other issues that arose as a result. He referred to his ex-wife as “psycho” and possibly suffering from a mental disorder. Though no names were mentioned and the father tried to keep the blog as anonymous as possible, his ex-wife did see the blog.

Earlier this year, a family court judge ordered that the man shut down the blog because it was not in the best interests of the two children. The judge commented that by constantly berating his ex-wife in the public forum, his children were being hurt in the process because of their relationship with their mother.

In any custody dispute, the judge typically looks at what is in the best interests of the child. Both parents should realize that their actions outside of the courtroom will likely be taken into consideration when the judge is determining custody.

Source: MSNBC: “Dad behind ‘Psycho Ex Wife’ blog protests its shutdown,” Suzanne Choney, Aug. 8, 2011.


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