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Country music star Sara Evans still feeling effects of divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2011 | Divorce

It is no surprise that the effects of a divorce can linger for a long time, long after the papers have been signed and the property has been divided. Many former couples realize that a divorce can affect people on a number of different levels: physically, emotionally and financially.

Country singer Sara Evans and her ex-husband Craig Schelske are still in the middle of a dispute that stemmed from their 2007 divorce. The two had been married for nearly 15 years when they split. Evans was awarded custody of their three children, a sore point for her ex-husband.

Just recently, Evans filed for a restraining order against Schelske. Last month, he had appeared on a national talk show, discussing the divorce and custody battle with Evans. He stated that he lost custody of his three kids because Evans accused him of being addicted to pornography and being unfaithful.

But Evans had filed for a previous restraining order last year and argues that Schelske’s statements on television violated that restraining order. She also believes that his actions have hurt their children and wants him to stop talking about their divorce and custody dispute.

But it doesn’t look like this is going away quite yet. Schelske is not happy about the second restraining order and is fighting back, claiming that he can say what he wants to.

Divorce can get messy, especially since it involves separating two people who were accustomed to being with one another. Even if the couple agrees that a divorce is for the best, there are still so many issues and decisions to be made that can be complicated and emotionally draining. Couples considering a divorce may benefit from speaking with someone who understands the process.

Having someone available to navigate the divorce process can help the couple reach an achievable solution, minimizing future conflict.

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