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November 2011 Archives

Is the economy preventing you from getting divorced?

Heard any reports on the economy lately? By now, many of us have grown tired of financial experts and analysts talking ad nauseum about the recession. Some say it's getting worse, explaining that we're headed for a depression, or that it's a "double-dip." Others say the economy is getting better, that we're turning a corner and will all soon be on better financial footing. The outlook seems to change from week to week, making us altogether unsure of where we're heading and what we'll be able to afford in the near and long-term future.

How to keep stress levels down this Thanksgiving weekend

The holiday season is upon us: Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. The holiday season is often associated with get-togethers with families and friends. But sometimes spending all this time with family can be stressful, especially if you have gone through a recent divorce.

Ways to help kids deal with divorce issues like child custody

In the aftermath of a divorce, the individual most impacted by the end of a marriage is often the child. Sometimes it is not as apparent to parents how much their separation affected the kids. But as the holiday season approaches, things can get tense as parents begin to fight about child custody and who gets to spend time with the children.

Study shows being a father can help reduce crime and alcohol use

Fathers may have another argument they can use when fighting for child custody. During divorce proceedings, fathers' rights are often at issue when a judge or court is deciding what decisions are in the best interests of the child.

Are judges now asking for Facebook passwords during a divorce?

In several previous posts, we've discussed how social media and online networking sites have begun to make appearances throughout the divorce process. For example, posts or updates on a spouse's Facebook wall or Twitter may be used to bolster an argument that this spouse should not be granted custody of a child.

How harmful can a child's name be to their best interests?

In the previous post, we discussed a factor that is sometimes considered in child custody disputes. Typically one parent will try to show that he or she is the fit parent by arguing that the other parent is unfit. But what happens if a court determines that neither parent should have custody?

Child obesity: is this the new weapon in custody battles?

There is a growing public concern surrounding the issue of child obesity. But did you know that this issue has started to come up in child custody proceedings?

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