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Heidi and Seal’s divorce moves forward

| Feb 19, 2012 | Divorce

In our last post we discussed the dismissal of the Vanessa Long’s divorce petition from megachurch Bishop Eddie Long. Although that couple is attempting to reconcile, one couple is moving forward with their martial dissolution. Recent reports indicate that Heidi Klum and Seal have abandoned attempts to reconcile and will move forward with their divorce.

“They had both been wearing their wedding rings and had mutually thought they might be able to work it out,” one insider said. “But it doesn’t look like it’s going that way.”

This divorce highlights some of the issues that high net worth individuals have while divorcing. Both Heidi and Seal have major work commitments including international travel. Heidi hosts TV shows which film across the country and in Germany. Seal is currently touring to support his latest album and also makes appearances on Australia’s version of The Voice. Seal was recently back in the United States before jetting down under and spent some time with his children, but not Heidi.

“She is moving forward with the divorce,” one insider said. “They have had very little contact and Heidi wants to keep it this way. She feels less stressed out now and feels it’s best to be away from Seal, so she doesn’t get confused about her feelings.”

It is unclear what type of child custody issues will arise in this particular case or if one spouse will have to pay significant amounts of child support or alimony. Heidi’s net worth is multiple times greater than Seal’s and it appears that she may keep the children as the primary custodian after the divorce is finalized.

Source: People, “Heidi Klum & Seal: No Plans to Get Back Together,” Alison Schwartz, Feb. 19, 2012


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