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Divorced parents squabbling over co-parenting turn to Internet

| Mar 23, 2012 | Child Custody and Visitation

Any couple going through a divorce is likely to experience hostile feelings towards their ex-spouse. While divorcing couples without children must endure the initial turmoil associated with the actual divorce proceeding, they are then free to move on with their lives and potentially never see each other again. For divorcing couples with children, however, they are tied to each other for life and must find ways to co-parent effectively.

When two responsible parents are involved, judges typically decide some arrangement of joint custody is best for the child. This requires couples who often have a lot of resentment towards one another and may not even be on speaking terms, to figure out a way to co-parent.

Due to the challenges divorced couples face when it comes to co-parenting, some judges are requiring couples to use online software to communicate and manage their co-parenting plans. In fact, because some couples simply cannot communicate effectively with one another, some judges are mandating the use of co-parenting software as they believe it ultimately benefits the child.

The software programs allow parents to communicate via messages which some judges may monitor. These programs can also be used to manage the child’s time and visits with each parent as well as keep track of expenses related to raising the child.

Costs associated with the online programs tend to be nominal and as their success in mediating co-parenting plans amongst hostile parents grows, it’s likely more judges in Tennessee and around the country will mandate their usage.

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