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Increasing number of couples ring in New Year with divorce

| Mar 1, 2012 | Divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage is a serious and life-changing one. While no specific month or time of the year is universally advantageous to file for divorce, divorce attorneys around the country and in Tennessee report that an increasing number of couples are choosing to do so in January and February.

Reasons for the spike in filings during these months could be attributed to a variety of factors. The holiday season has just ended and may drive some couples to finally pull the plug on their marriage. On the other hand, some unhappy couples who may have been contemplating divorce for months will agree to stick together until after the holidays for the sake of children or other family members.

The promise of a new beginning that is inevitably touted every New Year may also serve as a catalyst for prompting a major life change. Couples looking for a fresh start may ultimately decide enough is enough and file for divorce.

Another more practical reason for the increase in filings during these months may be the potential financial benefits. With the tax deadline approaching, couples who file for divorce in January or February can file their last return as a married couple and start the new fiscal year fresh.

Regardless of when you choose to file, with any divorce there are several complex factors that go into the decision. There may never seem to be a good time to start the process as holidays, birthdays and countless other obligations can constantly leave one second guessing.

Husbands and wives need to do what is best for them. Depending on the circumstances, divorce proceedings can be long and stressful. The sooner a spouse decides to file, the sooner decisions surrounding emotionally-charged issues like child custody and property division can be sorted out, allowing each party to move on with their lives.

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