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April 2012 Archives

Tennessee property division: qualified domestic relations orders

Property division is a major part of the divorce process and can also be one of its most complicated aspects, particularly when issues are in dispute. But property division can also be highly complex even when spouses take the relatively easy, simple and more cost-effective route of working together to divide assets and debts instead of disputing those issues in court.

Tennessee mom ordered to pay child support to adoption agency

There have been new developments in the Tennessee family law story that made international headlines two years ago. We're talking, of course, about the Shelbyville mother and the adopted, 7-year-old Russian boy she airmailed back to his homeland -- alone, with only a note referring to the boy's psychological problems and her desire not to be his mother anymore.

Tell-tale tweets: how social media can wreck your divorce

It's easy to forget just how permanent and accessible a Facebook post, a text, an e-mail or a Twitter message can be. It's even easier to overlook the potential legal ramifications of making or sending one. If you are planning to end your marriage or have already started the divorce process in Tennessee, however -- you might want to tie a string around your right or left index finger and remember this post.

Protecting the child custody rights of military members

Service in the armed forces is a noble and honorable calling. Yet a quick look at the steady rise in the military divorce rate over the past decade suggests just how hard military life can be on marriages. What those numbers don't begin to show, however, is just how hard (and sometimes unfair) the Tennessee divorce process can be on service members.

Baptism exceeded Tennessee mom's child custody rights, says court

The distinction between the terms "physical custody" and "legal custody" is one of the most frequently confused and misunderstood aspects of divorce in the state of Tennessee. This distinction is important in child custody disputes because physical custody is often divided, with children spending equal or unequal amounts of time living with each parent. Legal custody, on the other hand, is usually assigned to both parents and remains constant.

Father's rights: steps to winning the child custody battle

Whether right or wrong, in most divorces involving child custody matters judges tend to award primary custody to the mother. For Tennessee fathers, hoping to be the main custodial parent, this biasness towards always assuming the mother is the best care provider, can be extremely frustrating.

Divorce and taxes: sorting out child-related tax matters

April 15 is right around the corner and divorced or legally separated parents likely have many questions related to child tax-related matters. In our last post we discussed potential tax benefits to which custodial parents may be entitled. In this post, we'll look at child-related tax benefits for noncustodial parents.

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