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June 2012 Archives

If the shoe doesn't fit, seek a fair share in property division

It might shock (or should we say, 'Shak'?) you to know that Tennessee's definition of marital property includes personal property such as clothing or shoes that were acquired with marital assets. For property division purposes, this means that the value of such assets can not only be counted as part of the marital estate in a divorce but also divided on an equitable basis.

Helping your kids cope with divorce in a healthy way

Even if you and your spouse end up having the most amicable divorce the state of Tennessee has ever seen, your children may still have a hard time coping with it. While most parents understand this and are willing to stay focused on determining what the kids need and how to support them, children also have an innate gift for pretending that can make it difficult for parents to know how they're really doing inside.

Prenuptial agreements, property division and divorce

Although prenuptial agreements can be and are often used to address divorce-related issues such as alimony, child support, child custody and parenting time -- most people in Tennessee associate "prenups" with property division and people who have a lot of money. While that's not an entirely inaccurate perception, it does provide us an opportunity to answer two questions we are frequently asked with respect to these agreements.

Appeals court rules against Tennessee man in child custody case

A 31-year-old Iraq war veteran who has raised a now 6-year-old boy since infancy received a setback from the Tennessee Court of Appeals last month. The ruling, which was only the latest development in a nearly 5-year-old child custody dispute involving the former soldier and the child's biological mother, essentially ordered a Blount County juvenile court to honor a prior Texas judgment stating that the man is not the child's biological father.

Rodman sentenced for failure to pay child support

When a Tennessee family court judge orders a parent to pay a certain amount of child support, the options of the mother or father ordered to pay are limited: make the payments as required each month, appeal the decision or ask the court to modify the amount due to a substantial change in circumstances. Choose a different option and you run the risk of being charged with contempt of court, having your license suspended and other consequences as well.

Strange but true divorce tales: Tennessee man sets house on fire

As many of you likely know, a Tennessee woman allegedly asked her husband for a divorce earlier this week and then moved out of the couple's home in Clarksville. The next day, the 36-year-old husband reportedly set that home on fire causing an estimated $40,000 in damage. He was later arrested and charged with arson.

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