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Helping your friend get through their Tennessee divorce

| Aug 15, 2012 | Divorce

There are many things that make the divorce process difficult. The laws that apply to family law and divorce cases and the often confusing legal system itself are part of the puzzle. So too are fear and anxiety about the future and charged emotions that often arise or get further aggravated during divorce proceedings. Another important piece for some divorcing spouses is the feeling that nothing or no one can help.

By the same token, if you’ve ever struggled with trying to find ways to help a friend get through his or her divorce, you’re not alone. The fact is: it can be difficult to know what will make this easier for them especially when they don’t know either.

In a recent Huffington Post article, blogger Penney Berryman shared a number of actions friends took that she found helpful to her both during and after the divorce process. Some might seem silly; some might strike you as simple common sense. Either way, we thought you and other readers might be interested in the following suggestions:

  • Inviting your friend to share meals with you or your family and including them in family traditions as much as possible
  • Promising and delivering post-divorce dating assistance
  • Showing compassion for the difficult emotional nature of divorce, sharing your friend’s sadness
  • Letting your friend give back to you in whatever ways they can
  • Being supportive even when may not fully agree with a friend’s decisions, staying as far away from judgment as you can
  • Allowing your friend the freedom to not talk about the divorce
  • Giving compliments
  • Offering to be there for and attending difficult, divorce proceedings and related events
  • Indulging silly or even crazy-sounding requests like “Let’s go clubbing!” (even if you haven’t set foot inside a nightclub in 20 years)

Source: Huffington Post, “Your Friend Is Getting Divorced: 12 Helpful Things You Can Do,” Penney Berryman, Aug. 13, 2012


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