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September 2012 Archives

Court: man should not have been jailed in child support case

In Tennessee, parents who fail to pay child support in violation of a court order can be sent to jail on civil contempt or criminal contempt charges. Because the criminal justice system affords defendants special protections that don't apply in civil cases, the distinction between the two types of contempt charges in a child support case can be very important.

Divorce: insurance loose ends left by untying the knot (part 2)

In our last post, we talked about health and homeowner's insurance issues that Tennessee residents who are getting a divorce (or who have recently been divorced) need to be aware of. We're going to continue that divorce discussion today by addressing life insurance and auto insurance concerns as well.

Divorce: insurance loose ends left by untying the knot (part 1)

Getting divorced can change a lot of things. Unfortunately, the difficult emotions and anxiety many Tennessee residents experience during the divorce process can also allow some of those changes to escape your attention.

Fathers' rights: Singer prevails in fight for child custody

Here's a hypothetical for Tennessee fathers who are facing the prospect of divorce. The parents of two small children get divorced after less than two years of marriage. It is not an amicable split. A child custody battle ensues. The father has a job that requires him to do a great deal of traveling; the mother does not. Which parent is most likely to win primary custody?

The mediated path to divorce in Tennessee

Headline-grabbing divorce cases tend to involve celebrities and bitter and protracted courtroom battles over property, children or support. Be that as it may, more Tennessee divorce disputes are settled through the mediation process each year than by judges or juries.

Court: retirement pay exempt from alimony in military divorce

Military divorce cases tend to be more challenging than civilian divorces for several reasons, including the logistical issues associated with overseas deployments, the special regulations concerning child support, and the treatment/allocation of military health care, retirement and disability benefits.

Tennessee property division: postnuptial agreements

An enforceable prenuptial agreement can make ending a marriage much simpler. Instead of fighting over who gets what with respect to property division or who should pay whom how much support (if any) -- the agreement spells it all out. In fact, the only terms subject to judicial approval in a valid prenuptial agreement are those relating to the custody, care and support of minor children. Add it all up, and these agreements can save everyone a great deal of aggravation, time and expense should the marriage end in divorce.

Divorce and children: minimizing the damage

Children are frequently hurt more in a divorce than either parent. This is somewhat unavoidable on one level -- primarily because children don't fully understand the process or don't want to see their families split apart. In many cases, however, children suffer unnecessarily because of the openly hostile fighting parents sometimes engage in both before and after the divorce process has concluded.

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