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Father and daughter reunited after 10 days

| Dec 31, 2012 | Fathers' Rights

In the realm of child custody there was at one time a mindset that only a mother could provide the best upbringing for a child. Times have changed and courts today seek what is best for the child, which often means including the involvement of both parents in their child’s life. Fathers’ rights have been contested in numerous proceedings and many courts now recognize the equal rights of both parents and the interests of their children during custody cases.

Recently, a Missouri man who has primary custody of his 4-year-old daughter contacted police when the child’s mother did not return the girl after a weekend visitation. The 42-year-old mother reportedly attempted to cross the Texas border into Mexico with her two children, the 4-year old and a 16-year old.

The mother was arrested in Texas after Mexican authorities refused her entry for failure to present sufficient documents and she was forced to turn around and cross back into Texas. Court documents also indicate that the woman had what appeared to be a methamphetamine or crack pipe in her possession. The children were put in the custody of Texas Child Protective Services until their fathers could get them.

The 4-year-old’s father flew from Kansas City to Texas to reunite with his daughter. The mother of the children was incarcerated in the Starr County Jail in Texas. She will be extradited to Missouri where she faces a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a minor and a felony charge of parental interference.

This case is an example of how father’s rights can be protected. Of course, whenever possible, both parents should be involved in the growth and development of children, in order to give them a healthy upbringing.

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