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Electronics could be a strong child support ally

| Feb 13, 2013 | Child Support

All states in America are facing similar problems when it comes to child support collections – it is difficult and tedious. Tennessee is one such state that is troubled with delinquent child support payments. To combat delinquency, more convenient and user-friendly tools are being implemented, such as the Tennessee Electronic Access Card, which has received moderate support. But to the east, a similar tool is gaining strength proving that electronics is a strong child support tool.

According to sources, Virginia’s $4KIDS program, an electronic portal and payment system first launched in 2007, saw an increase in users by almost 16 percent in 2012. With an additional 30,000 transactions since it was started, the state has processed 18 percent more child support payments, netting $42.6 million.

More than 545,000 payments have been processed since the program was redesigned in 2009. Last year’s average monthly transactions were $3.5 million. State officials have said that the program is helping to get child support to parents faster and easier. They also added that it cuts down on administrative costs for the agencies involved.

In Tennessee, child support cases are ranked eighth in the U.S. The state’s recent success and increased collection are attributed to new programs implemented that make paying easier and more cost-effective. One of those programs is the electronic access card offered by the government, which allows parents to safely send and monitor their child support payments.

Children suffer when parents don’t pay their child support and the best interests of the child are not met. The quality of a child’s life is affected because the most basic needs are not being provided. Food, clothing, medicine and shelter become unavailable to the child. By coming up with ingenious electronic programs, Tennessee and other U.S. states can succeed at helping to support the country’s children.

Source: Washington Post, “Use of Virginia online child support payment program continues to grow,” Jan. 30, 2013


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