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Montgomery, Tennessee, couples may try the Healthy Divorce App

| Feb 11, 2013 | Property Division

During the process of marital dissolution, Tennesseans may consider all options in order for them to be financially stable once the divorce is finalized. One way of doing this is through property division. Equitable division is one of the terms associated with asset division. Both spouses are required to list their assets during the process to ensure that they are fairly divided.

Dealing with property division and other issues attached to divorce can affect the emotional well-being of a person. Some may choose to handle the divorce by themselves and keep matters private. For others, a newly launched application for both Android and Apple devices allows divorcing people to seek professional help using their Smartphones.

The application, also known as the Healthy Divorce App, was created by a psychologist who has vast experience dealing with people going through the divorce process. The app enables users to understand and deal with the process of marital dissolution and the emotions attached. It also allows the users to interact with a mental health professional if they are seeking answers to a wide variety of divorce topics.

Once a divorcing person manages to handle emotions that run high, he or she may proceed to taking care of the legal issues. Divorcing spouses who are in the middle of property division, whether simple or complex, may collaborate with many different professionals, such as a forensic accountant, in order to determine the assets and properties at stake.

Asset division can be difficult for a spouse handling the case alone in Tennessee. Divorcing spouses who are hesitant to enlist the help of a legal professional should know that the professional can provide solutions. Spouses may also reflect and consider that not all property division cases yield equitable results. The outcome of this process may affect their financial footing once the divorce is over. Spouses should make wise decisions that will have favorable outcomes now and in the future.

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