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Facebook photo reveals father’s failure to pay child support

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2013 | Child Support

Many Montgomery residents are part of the 1 in every 13 people worldwide that use Facebook. Every day millions of new photos are uploaded. Most users are cautious about the photos they upload, but others do not even give it a second thought. For one father, a single uploaded picture has resulted in several felony charges against him.

After flaunting a picture on Facebook of a wad of cash and several liquor bottles, a 23-year-old father faces felony charges for failure to pay child support. The man has not made a single payment of child support to his 2-year-old daughter. After years of avoiding payments, the man is finally facing charges. The man probably did not expect the County District Attorney’s Office to be viewing his Facebook page when he uploaded the picture. The posted picture helped prove that the father did have money to pay child support, but that he intentionally neglected to pay it. Facebook can help to build a strong child support case for many prosecutors.

In the state of Tennessee, child support is a serious legal obligation. In most cases a judge or attorney will help determine how much is owed a month. The courts will often take into consideration the best interests of the child. The actual amount will vary in range, depending on the incomes and conditions of parents. There are several legal consequences for offenders who do not pay child support. The national debt of unpaid child support is $108 billion a year.

Child support has been known to keep children from starving, but also for putting people in debt. Any Montgomery resident concerned about receiving or paying child support should be sure to get the right information to determine what the best option is.

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