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Father’s rights being abused for returning soldiers?

| Apr 19, 2013 | Fathers' Rights

Some of America’s bravest men have fought in the military, many of them from Montgomery. Often times with the military, fathers will have to leave their wives and children for an extended period of time. Many of the soldiers returning home are expecting kisses from their spouse, but, instead, they are getting divorce papers. Several of these returning soldiers are having difficulty achieving father’s rights when they are back stateside. One week before a man serving in the army came home, he received a text from his wife demanding a divorce.

She claimed abandonment despite keeping in touch weekly with her husband, and ended up receiving two third of the couples saved money. She also left the state with their daughter. The man claimed to have been served an “injustice” by the system while he fought bravely for his country. Seven other men in the same unit experienced similar problems with father’s rights when they returned.

Many military men and fathers throughout Tennessee have been on the losing side of a divorce. Historically, courts have generally favored women in most child custody cases, but, in today’s society, custody is usually split 50/50 between spouses. Between alimony, child support and child custody, there is a lot of room for unfairness in court. In most Tennessee family law courts, the judges will attempt to distribute everything as evenly as possible, but sometimes do not do a thorough job.

For all the Montgomery fathers concerned with having their father’s rights abused, there may be hope. Building a solid legal strategy as fast as possible can often help protect a father’s rights.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Who will fight for the rights of military fathers?” March 28, 2013


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