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Powerball winner can finally pay off back child support debt

| Apr 12, 2013 | Child Support

Seeing the outlandishly high Powerball jackpot has tempted many Montgomery residents to buy copious numbers of lottery tickets in the hopes of winning the large jackpot. Many people often fantasize about what they would do if they won. Imagine never having to work again and being able to afford just about anything within reason. One could hire Morgan Freeman to read them bedtime stories or hire Garth Brooks to perform at a backyard barbeque. For one man, paying off his near $30,000 child support debt would be the first thing he would do if he won.

It just so happens that a 44-year-old man had the chance to finally pay off his child support debt, which dated back to 2009, after he won the fourth-biggest Powerball jackpot in history. The man won $338 million dollars, which after taxes and opting for a lump sum payment, turned into $152 million. After appearing in family court, the man paid his $29,000 debt of back child support. The man is a father of five children ages five to 23.

Not everyone is as lucky as this recent Powerball winner. Many Americans really struggle receiving and making child support payments. For most couples facing divorce, child support becomes a major concern. When determining if child support is necessary, the courts will generally look for a disparity in income between spouses, and who has primary custody of the child. However, there are many other factors and guidelines to help determine if child support is necessary.

The reality is not everyone can win the Powerball but everyone is required to take care of their children.

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