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NBA Star Steve Nash denies wife child support

| May 16, 2013 | Child Support

For years celebrity divorces have filled the pages of countless tabloids and magazines. From cheating scandals to child support payments, celebrities are just as prone to divorce as the rest of society. Many Montgomery residents may be familiar with basketball star Steve Nash. The NBA star is well known for his basketball talents for the Lakers but also for his divorce from his estranged wife.

Recently the couple has been involved in a heated child support battle. Nash told the courts that he does not want to pay his estranged wife child support because he feels that she is already getting enough money and that she will spoil their three kids rotten. The basketball star alleges that his ex is an excessive spender who will likely spoil the kids with luxuries if she’s granted child support. The court ruled in favor of Nash but his estranged wife is appealing the decision. The couple was married in 2005 but later filed for divorce five years after the birth of their son.

Like most states, Tennessee has specific guidelines for child support. In most cases judges will require child support depending on who has custody or if there is a large disparity in income between spouses. Payments are usually paid once a month and typically last until the child is 18. Predicting the exact amount of child support is often difficult. Child support can also be modified at any time that there is a substantial change in circumstances, child support may be modified.

If the recipient comes into more income or if the payer becomes unemployed, a modification action may be filed. Montgomery residents struggling with the issue of child support should seek as much information as possible to explore all of their options.

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