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Tennessee man with 22 children unable to pay child support

| Jun 14, 2013 | Child Support

Divorce can sometimes be extra difficult when children are involved. Between child custody battles to paying child support, kids are often caught in the middle of a divorce. For most divorcing parents, the issue of raising their children is still a major concern that requires attention. In many cases, child support is legally required for one parent to pay until the child turns 18. When more children are involved, the amount of money paid each month typically increases.

Child support can become quite expensive the more children one has. Imagine having 22 kids with 14 different mothers, child support payments could easily soar into the four digits a month. This is a reality for one Tennessee man. The 33-year-old father is unable to pay child support to all the mothers of his children. For years, the state of Tennessee has paid more than $7,000 each month to care for his children. Now, the man could potentially face heavy prison time if he is still unable to pay.

While the parent from above is an outlier to the most typical child support cases, the possibility of going to jail is still a reality for many parents who are unable to pay child support. The state of Tennessee has certain guidelines to determine if child support is necessary and how much should be paid a month. This typically depends on the amount of children one has, the incomes of the parents, as well as whoever has primary custody. Once an agreement is determined, one parent is required to pay the recipient parent a monthly check until a certain time. This time is typically until the child reaches age 18. If the parent is unable to pay, they may seek a modification with the court. If payments continue to be absent, the individual could face jail time.

Many children depend on child support to live. Any Tennessee parent that is curious about child support or how the guidelines are determined may find a family law professional to be helpful.

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