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35 Tennessee residents wanted for failure to pay child support

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2013 | Child Support

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is on the hunt for several men and women. They are not wanted for murder or bank robbing but failure to pay child support. The sheriff announced that at least 35 people are wanted for dodging their child support payments. Totaling the amounts from all 35 is equal to more than $400,000 in unpaid child support. Police will be knocking on doors and hunting down these individuals so they can at least get some type of payment towards their debt.

For single parents struggling to raise their children, the absence of child support can be very detrimental. Parents who pay child support would also agree that it isn’t always easy making the monthly payments. Regardless of the reason, the purpose of child support is to provide a source of income to help support any children from a previous marriage or relationship. Failure to pay a monthly amount can result in legal action.

The state of Tennessee has certain guidelines that determine if and how much money is required for child support. These guidelines take into consideration the amount of children, who is the custodial parent and the incomes of both parties. Once the courts make a decision, a monthly payment is required from one parent to the other. But like most things in life, unexpected events can happen. For instance, if a recipient came into more money or if the giver faces sudden unemployment, a modification may be requested to alter the original agreement depending on the situation.

Tennessee residents concerned about child support agreements or modifications may want to explore their legal options. There are often legal consequences for failure to pay child support including jail time.

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