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Achieving happiness post divorce

| Jul 31, 2013 | Child Custody and Visitation

Nobody ever goes into marriage with the mindset that it may not work out someday. When couples make marriage vows, the mean them and intend to honor them. Unfortunately, life is always changing and at some point, those vows may lose their meaning, eventually leading to a divorce. With the current divorce rate at around 50 percent, half of marriages in America will not work out. Many Montgomery residents may be in the situation where they are debating whether to stay or leave a marriage.

Leaving a spouse can often be one of the most difficult things many individuals will ever do in their life. Factors such as spousal maintenance, child support and property division can often prolong the divorce process and add complexity to the issue. These factors generally require a lot of time and effort but are a necessity in the path to finalization. One road bump that many individuals have difficulty with is child support.

One of the most fought about financial issues of divorce is child support. In most cases, the recipient may feel that they are not getting enough child support while the payer feels like they are paying too much. In the state of Tennessee, judges will typically follow a set of guidelines that take into account, the incomes of both parents as well as who the custodial parent is when coming up with a monthly payment plan. Once a plan is acquired, it is meant to be honored by both partners unless an unforeseeable circumstance occurs. Factors such as remarriage, unemployment and increased finances may lead many couples to request a modification to their original agreement. Modifications may be granted at any time depending on the situation.

Eventually, once a divorce is finalized and issues such as child support are taken care of, an overwhelming amount of people find happiness. Having the freedom and weight of divorce taken off is a great feeling that many Montgomery residents will soon find. Marriage may not be for everyone but happiness certainly is, and for some people, divorce may ultimately lead to it.

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