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There is hope for Tennessee residents stuck in unhappy marriages

| Jul 24, 2013 | Property Division

In today’s day and age, not every American couple will make it to happily ever after. With the divorce rate increasing, it has become more common and acceptable for married couples to split. None the less, the process can still be emotionally and financially difficult to go through, which has caused many individuals to remain in a marriage even though they are unhappy. Many Tennessee residents are in similar situations.

According to a new study, one of the number one reasons people get stuck in unhappy marriages is that they do not have the courage to file for divorce. Several marriages have reached the point where love has become extinct in the relationship. Instead of moving on and getting a divorce, the couple will try to make the marriage last, sacrificing happiness along the way. Another reason for the lack of courage to divorce is from financial instability

Factors such as property division, spousal maintenance and child support has scared many unhappy married couples away from divorce. A number of individuals may feel that they will not be able to support themselves post divorce. Alternatively, the state of Tennessee generally tends to avoid leaving one spouse financially insecure after a divorce. Depending on whether spousal maintenance is required, most divorced couples are not left out in the streets post divorce.

At the end of the day, one should ask themselves if they are happy with their marriage. If the answer is no, the individual can acquire the resources to ensure this difficult situation in life is in the past. Divorce is often just another one of life’s hurdles. With the proper legal team, Tennessee residents wishing to end an unhappy marriage may file for divorce and move on with their lives.

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