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Jack White and ex-wife encounter child custody dispute

Even when Tennessee couples attempt to dissolve their marriage amicably, the divorce process could cause various disputes. For couples in the public eye such as wealthy or celebrity couples, having their every move in the media could pose some problems. Divorce can include some serious decisions and not having them kept private could cause additional disputes or extend the dissolution process.

In order to show friends and family that they are able to part ways amicably, Jack White and his model wife, Karen Elson, threw a divorce party. This occurred two years ago and it appeared that the couple was initially able to dissolve their marriage amicably. Currently, the divorced couple is struggling with keeping up the terms of their divorce agreement. One huge issue that has presented itself is child custody.

The custody battle has created a serious situation for the divorced couple. Elson has decided to file a restraining order against White because she not only believes that he is harassing her but she also fears for her and her children’s safety. According to reports, Elson claims that he has been contacting her and her children in inappropriate and aggressive manners, which has given her grounds for filing a harassment order.

Details surrounding the current child custody arrangement were not reported, but it appears that Elson has sole custody of their 5-year-old and 7-year-old in Nashville. There could be potential issues with visitation rights, which might have sparked this dispute. This could result in litigation or in alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation.

Even when parents try to reach an agreement when their marriage dissolves, problems can still arise years after the divorce. When this occurs, it is important that each person seeks independent advice about ways the divorced couple could solve their current issues. In addition, they could determine ways to avoid similar future issues. When it comes to issues surround child custody, it is always important to focus on the best interest of the child rather than what a parent ultimately desires.

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