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Who keeps the pets in a Tennessee divorce?

| Aug 2, 2013 | Property Division

Divorce can be one of the most challenging times in any Montgomery resident’s life. Dissolving a marriage is no easy task, usually requiring time and effort before it is finalized. During a divorce proceeding, most couples will have to solve legal issues. Many disputes typically arise during these issues, and from property division in particular. Everything from figuring out who gets the house to who keeps the family photos can pose difficulties even for divorcing spouses who wish to remain amicable.

When solving property disputes during a divorce, most people do not tend to think of a pet immediately, instead focusing on the house, car or stocks. But for many people, the family pet can have immense sentimental value that is worth fighting over. So who gets to keep the pet?

In the state of Tennessee, pets are considered property, which is susceptible to equitable distribution. But unlike splitting the profits of a sold house or car from divorce, animals cannot be divided in two. That is why many divorcing Tennesseans are now setting up joint custody agreements for their pets.

Pets are often acquired during the marriage, making them marital property in the eyes of the state. This being said, most custody agreements involving pets usually spilt custody equally. Custody agreements can range from visitation every other week to weekends only or whatever schedule a couple can agree upon..

Montgomery residents facing a divorce will eventually have to solve the division of their marital property, including everything from debts to pets. A legal professional may be able to help ensure that one’s legal rights and interests are protected during the process.

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