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Hoppy and Frankel still disputing about child custody

| Sep 25, 2013 | Fathers' Rights

Married couples in Tennessee understand that dissolving a marriage can lead to additional and future problems. These problems can often surround their children. This is often due to one parent being the most suitable caregiver for the child or children but, in some cases, couples divorcing will use their children to hurt their soon-to-be ex-spouse. This does not only create more issues and disputes, this could harm the child in the long run.

The divorce between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy has been talked about in the news for some time, and it appears that additional disputes might prolong the emotional dissolution. According to reports, Hoppy has been doing everything in his power to uncover evidence that will indicate that their daughter would be better off living with him.

This custody battle has caused the judge to respond to their actions by stating that the two need to start behaving before they can go to court to handle their child custody issue. Hoppy claims that he has been trying to keep things civil, but it was recently revealed that he has been secretly recording his estranged wife in her home. This created further disputes and the judge is not pleased with the additional and unnecessary drama.

Although this might appear to be spiteful or overstretching his bounds, this custody battle has a lot to do with him invoking his father’s rights. The issues between the divorcing couple are not healthy for their daughter, especially when all three of them are currently under the same roof. What is best in this situation is to reduce any drama and disputes and consider the best interest of the child.

Parents struggling with child custody issues during or after a divorce should always put their children first. This can be a serious and emotional event in their life and if their parents blow their issues out of proportion or create additional hurdles out of spite, the child can be greatly affected.

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