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Singer Usher still battling child custody issues

| Oct 18, 2013 | Child Custody and Visitation

Although the divorce process can be defined as a life changing and difficult event for married couples in Tennessee, dealing with post-divorce issues can be just as complex and challenging. Ex-spouses with children need to constantly make choices that affect their children, so it is always important that the best interest of the children is a major factor in the decision-making process. During the divorce process, a child custody agreement is decided, but substantial changes in circumstances can occur and could mean that modification is needed.

Singer Usher and his ex have had several disputes and legal battles since their divorce four years ago. The two have had messy divorce proceedings since their divorce began in 2009. Last year, Usher was awarded primary custody of their two sons, but the two are still battling over child custody.

Recently, Usher’s ex has claimed that he is not co-parenting properly. She alleges that he has purposely shut her out of the lives of their children and has been making major decisions without her knowledge or consulting with her. For example, the singer has supposedly made decisions involving travel, school and extracurricular activities without her approval. His ex is not happy with the current co-parenting situation and is seeking to head back to court to deal with these issues.

As the Usher saga underscores, post-divorce life can create new issues regarding joint custody, parenting plans and co-parenting. This might mean going back to court or mediation to determine not only what is best for the parents but also the children involved. This can be a difficult time for everyone involved because battling these issues in courts can seriously affect their children.

Separated or divorced couples dealing with child custody issues should understand the importance of figuring out and fixing these issues. Those struggling with a co-parent or seeking to modify a current child custody arrangement should understand their rights and options in the situation.

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